Dear Friends,

We regret to inform you that the Digsville website will be no longer available as of January 31st 2017. We thank you for your support and camaraderie since 1999.

If you would like to save any of your content and images, please log into the website soon.

Happy Trails,

~~Helen and the Digsville Team
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This Member User Agreement has been created to form guidelines of behavior for all members of The Digsville Home Exchange Club. Your acceptance of this agreement will constitute your agreement to comply with these rules. Please read the TERMS OF USE and the MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES carefully, as you must agree to abide by each in order to participate in The Digsville Home Exchange Club.


  • Eligibility for Membership - Our services are available only to individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, our services are not available to minors. be issued.
  • Enrollment Date - Your membership will commence on the date we receive membership payment (for full membership) and/or the date you accept the terms of this agreement (for the guest membership).
  • Use of the service by you - Your right to use the service is personal to you, your family, and your significant other. You may not authorize others to use the service, and you are responsible for all of your own use of the service.  This includes the posting of photographs - you must own the copyright of all photos or must have the permission of copyright holder in order to post any photos to the Digsville site. You are soley responsible for any copyright infringement.
  • Conduct - You agree not to use any obscene, indecent or offensive language, or to place on the service any material that is false, defamatory, abusive, harassing or hateful. Further, you may not place on the service any material that is encrypted, constitutes junk mail or unauthorized advertising, invades anyone's privacy, encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability, or that otherwise violates any local, state, national or international law or regulation. Abuses will not be tolerated.
  • Initial Contact  - is made for the protection of your privacy via direct anonymous email (at the email address you provided to us via your home listing). This means your e-mail address does not appear in the initial e-mail you send other members. However, this communication tool is not to be used to market business messages no matter how appropriate you may think they are to the membership.  Abuses and spam utilizing any part of our system including members email address will not be tolerated.
  • U-Rate - Our unique rating/reference card is to be used with respect to other members. You may not take any actions which may undermine the integrity of the rating system, such as: leaving positive feedback for yourself using secondary User IDs or third parties; leaving negative feedback for other users using secondary accounts or third parties; or leaving negative feedback if a user fails to perform some action that is outside the scope of your planning and agreements.
  • Spam - Spamming will not be tolerated and membership will be terminated immediatley. This includes contacting other members about anything other than home exchange or vacation rental pertaining to their home listing and offer. Additionally, if a member is found to contact another member leading them to a commercial website that requires a login, action will be taken by the Digsville administration. 
  • Digsville LLC is not responsible for any exchange concerning members' home or personal property. That is the sole responsibility of the member.
  • The Digsville Home Exchange Club will on occasion use copy or photos from the home listings, message boards, articles, and testimonials to be used for promotional marketing purposes only. Home listings will be chosen to help promote the offers and may be placed on applicable websites, user groups, or classifieds to best promote the listings and offers. Personal member information will never be given out to anyone for any purpose by Digsville staff.
  • We encourage open communication between members and our staff at the The Digsville Home Exchange Club. If a situation should arise that you feel could compromise the integrity of the Digsville community, please contact us immediately. Privacy will be maintained whenever possible.
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  • Keep your e-mail address updated and respond to all member e-mail requests promptly. This insures the integrity of the Community and accuracy of the listings.
  • Keep your home listing current at all times. Most important are the dates your home is available and for your benefit the TripWish™, which will let others know where and when you are looking to travel.
  • Keep you personal info current. Telephone and address must be kept on file with the Digsville administration.
  • If you are no longer accepting offers on your home listings, please let us know and we will removed your listing.
  • While we encourage you to describe your home in the most positive light, please be honest and accurate about your home and neighborhood and all other information on the home listing.
  • Do your best to answer all initial offers within one week of receipt of email.
  • If a member rejects your proposal, accept that decision as final and make no attempt to pursue.
  • Provide as much information as possible about your home and surrounding area.
  • Learn all you can about the person and place with whom you are making an arrangement.
  • Agree that no detail of the arrangement is unimportant and provide all pertinent information requested from other members in a timely manner.
  • Last minute cancellations should be avoided except in the case of extreme emergency.
  • Always show respect for your fellow members. Their homes, families, and leisure time are as precious to them as yours are to you.
  • If a member is found to be grossly abusing the aforementioned terms of use and responsibilities, Digsville reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to suspend or cancel a membership thus revoking all membership privileges.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding this Member User Agreement.

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