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Haarlem, Netherlands Listing # 010764
Member Since: 2014
Modified: April 14

Dining room

Living room

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Offer:  Home Exchange

Lovely home close to Amsterdam and the beach
We have a wonderful home in Haarlem. It's a 15-minute train ride to Amsterdam and a 15-minute ride to the beach (Bloemendaal aan Zee/Zandvoort). We live in a quiet neighboorhood with a playground out front. There's a breathtaking castle (Brederode) quite close, as well as a castle ruin. We only have hypoallergenic pets (a bichon frisé and hairless guinea pigs), since I'm allergic to nearly all animals. I have three kids at home and we still have plenty of toys and games hanging around, from puzzels to the wii. We also have a regular toaster and a designated gluten-free toaster, so if you're gluten-free, it's easy! There is a front and back garden, so in the summer, you can enjoy the sun.
Haarlem, Netherlands
Primary Home
Comfortably sleeps:7
Not to exceed:7

  Car Available Microwave Modern Kitchen On-site Parking Patio/Yard Piano Stereo TV/Cable Video/DVD Washer Dryer

Internet Connection Available

House Rules & Conditions
  Smoke Free

My Home Town

My favorite bits are Brederode (the castle) and the hofjes, the quaint houses with gardens in a central courtyard. Haarlem has wonderful little shops and is the best shopping city in the Netherlands, with lots of little cafés to enjoy. Biking around is wonderful, especially the dunes.

Local Activities
Actvities within an hour's drive

Beaches Biking Children's Activities Cultural/Tourist Attractions Fine Restaurants Galleries/Museums Hiking Horseback Riding Major Shopping Ocean Parks Spa Surfing

Nearest Large City:Amsterdam
Nearest Airport:Schiphol
Type of region:Suburban
Public transportation:Yes

Best Local
Cup of Joe:Toneelschuur
Must See:Brederode

Member Profile
I live with my three daughters. I used to organize chamber music concerts, but now I'm a health economist. Still love to go to concerts, enjoy travelling, but also gardening.

Dutch English

Housekeeping Styles
Company is coming, better clean!

Trip Wish
Open to offers
New York, New York, United States
Home exchange: Yes
Hospitality: Yes
Rental: No
People Traveling: 4
Reston, Virginia, United States
Home exchange: Yes
Hospitality: No
Rental: No
People Traveling: 4